Monday, October 11, 2010

Jewelry: Light as a Feather

** Update on 10/12- Ok, feather-loving fashionistas, I did some searching for you and found that you can purchase this 18-karat gold-dipped goose feather necklace worn gorgeously as a boho headband in the photo above at NET-A-PORTER for the bargain price of $2,205! ;) 

Unfortunately it is out of my budget, but it is so breathtaking, I think it may have to be my next DIY tutorial!! to figure out how to approximate gold-dipped goose feathers, hmmm.

Such pretty plumes- Feather themed jewelry accessories are so light and delicate. They are the perfect touch to an outfit whether you are going for a an angelic ethereal look or free spirited bohemian.

image via NET-A-PORTER

1. Necklace de Plume: $41.99: ModCloth
3. Earn Your Wing Ring: $17.99: ModCloth
4. Trimmed Feather Earrings: $3.80: Forever 21
6. Feather Carved Hoop Earrings: $12.00: Arden B.
7. Etched Feather Necklace: $6.80: Forever 21
9. Peacock Feather Ring: $12.90: Windsor

** Update on 10/12- Today I found these beautifully delicate silver Gorjana Feather Earrings on for $65.00! They only have 3 pairs left.
Gorjana Feather Earrings
Gorjana Feather Earrings
FREE SHIPPING at Exclusive to Shopbop. These sterling silver dangle earrings feature a feather detail. 2.75" long including French hook. * Made in the U.S.A. - Silver


  1. I love this post. It's a pretty cool trend. Thanks for sharing!
    The first photo is really stunning!

  2. looks like an easy trend to follow i love the feather head band on the model too :)

  3. I've always loved feather accessories. You picked some great ones!!


  4. The boho feather headband looks really nice, that's definitely my favourite piece from the whole article.

  5. I have been loving this trend ever since it came out. The first picture is just gorgeous.
    Love the ring you picked out. And how funny that I bought a pair of similar feather earrings in a bronze tone a few months back at F21.

    Couture Me:

  6. Great post Jessica! I love feathers too! They really do make things seem a little more bohemian and they work great in the fall. I love that feather headband.


  7. Great pieces with feathers!
    I loved the first picture...

  8. They're all so pretty and delicate!

    Thanks so much for your recent visit to my blog!

    ~ Lynda

  9. Yeah, you're totally right the accessories are delicate & beautiful! I would like to wear the boho feather headband. It's something special and cool:)
    Irene xo

  10. that's a fantastic post!! i love feathers =) i'm looking for one which i can braid in my hair..not easy to find one. but i don't give up =)

  11. I adore this! You may like this gold feather I have on my blog too:
    Feel free to follow me as I am a beauty, fashion and jewellery photographer and feature material I think you'd like ;)