Monday, October 25, 2010

Wicked Awesome Accessories

In the spirit of upcoming Halloween, I found a selection of spooky fun accessories! 
Many of the pieces could be worn at any time to add an edge to your outfit, though.

  1. Twisted Snake Necklace: $8.50: Charlotte Russe
  2. Stone Encrusted Skull Ring: $16.85: Asos
  3. Kreepsville Diamonte Skeleton Hand Necklace: $42.00: Attitude Holland
  4. Bat Necklace in Gold: $12.99: Girl Props
  5. Lauren Moshi Vine Skull Tote Bag: $110: Revolve Clothing
  6. Men's Skull with Eagle Wings Buckle: $20.00: Linea Pelle Collection
  8. Bride of Frankenstein Silhouette Necklace: $20.00: CABfayre (Etsy)
  9. Twinkle Twinkle Little Bats Necklace: $18.00: CABfayre (Etsy)
12. Peacock Masquerade Mask: $14.80: Forever 21


  1. that pink skull ring is awesome for anytime of year xx

  2. The mask is wonderful... it's a pity i won't go to a halloween party this year!

  3. 3, 4 and 10 are amazing!! I would wear them any day, not just Halloween...

  4. the first mask is gorgeous! perfect for a fancy halloween party:)

  5. Alexander McQueen instantly comes to mind with all the skull details that seem to appear on his accessories. But I like the mask in the first picture on the post.

  6. Thanks for the comment about the Mulberry bag...have you ever bought a bag from a site like that? I'm scared I would pay that much and receive a low-quality item...

  7. I LOVE that snake cuff! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Love the creepy hand skeleton necklace!

  9. Really lovely pictures! The first one is incredibly sophisticated!

  10. You have such a catchy blog! wanna follow each other darling? XoXo